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50+ Marketing, Sales & Aging

I haven't driven anywhere this week. I've used Lyft and scooters to get around. In the aging-services
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50+ Marketing, Sales & Aging
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #125 • View online
I haven’t driven anywhere this week. I’ve used Lyft and scooters to get around.
In the aging-services business, one pain point that home-bound elders express is the inability to get around. People are not frustrated by their forgetfulness or inability to balance a checkbook. They are most frustrated by the difficulty of getting out, of seeing friends, of getting to doctors’ appointments.
When you add up the cost of the car, insurance, maintenance, and other services, the average 65+ “head of household” spends $7,100 a year.
Seniors who don’t want to deal with a smartphone, can call GoGoGrandparent, which will send a Lyft or Uber to their door.
But the Lyft and Uber drivers will not go *to* the door, only to the curb. Enter SilverRide, which picks people up at their door, and delivers people through the door of their destination.
You’d have to spend $591 a month on these ride services to break even with the cost of owning a car.
In the next 10 years, perhaps we’ll watch Generation Z buy fewer cars – the first generation to do so.
Then, owning a car won’t be a marker of coolness or adulthood. Not-owning a car will be more accepted, for every generation. Maybe we’ll have fewer conversations about “taking away Dad’s car-keys.”
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