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A Stronger Revenue Team

If you want to fix your sales funnel, start at the bottom of the funnel and work your way up. Don't g
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A Stronger Revenue Team
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #123 • View online
If you want to fix your sales funnel, start at the bottom of the funnel and work your way up. Don’t go out to buy awareness and pull more traffic into a wonky funnel.
Start by maximizing your conversion – the percent of leads that convert to customers. Then start thinking about getting more leads. It makes sense – why spend time and money getting leads that the sales team can’t close – or only closes “lay ups?”
Yet in so many organizations, marketing is focused on leads and sales is focused on closing, without any coordination, shared vision or shared metrics. Heck, most don’t even have shared meetings, or even sit in the same building. That’s like putting the kitchen across the street from the restaurant.
If you want sales and marketing to work together – so they work better, then put people together physically. Your marketing team will know how to develop their content strategy when they know what questions the sales team gets. They can speak in the customers’ voice when they hear the customer verbatim (via sales).
Sales and marketing are not two separate functions, I wish there was one word for both of them.
Ah there is!!! The word is REVENUE.
Think of your marketing and sales teams as one revenue team.
Bring your revenue team together this week – virtually or in real life.
Have a successful week,

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Here’s how we can help:
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Step #3 - Work with us to get clear on your messaging.
Step #4 - Hire us to improve sales conversion rates.
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