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Affordable Video Marketing

Weekly inspiration for serving people 50 to 100 years mature.
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Affordable Video Marketing
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #82 • View online
Weekly inspiration for serving people 50 to 100 years mature.

Big New Market Opportunity for Home Care
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid, “CMS,” is recognizing that keeping people healthy involves more than “medical” care.
New rules for Medicare Advantage were announced in February.
Medi-what? When you rely only on Medicare, they pay for 80% of your care. The other 20% is something you must pay yourself. Ouch! Medicare Advantage covers that 20%.
More Benefits: Now, CMS will allow private insurers to sell Medicare Advantage programs that provide new benefits to people 65+ including:
  • nutritional supplements
  • safety improvements in the home, such as wheelchair ramps
  • in-home care, companionship and caregiver respite services
  • transportation to wellness centers and pharmacies
Read what David Sayen wrote about this new market opportunity for insurers who move quickly. (David is the former head of San Francisco’s CMS, and is now a consultant.)

California’s big non-profit Medicare advantage insurer, SCAN, is looking forward to adding these benefits. Read SCAN’s comments.
Easier Marketing: CMS required every Medicare Advantage program to get approval before sending or using marketing materials. Now, marketing reviews will be “limited.” Read more in JD Supra.
Affordable Video Marketing
The alphabet soup of Medicare A, B, C, D gives people a headache. You can be helpful with any budget.
Create an Educational Video
Host a Webinar
Host a Journalist Briefing
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Air a Long-Form Commercial
Generations Now LLC is a marketing agency for companies selling services, products and tech to people age 50 to 100. 
We are based in Oakland, California and bring a team of mission-oriented experts help you reach your goals.
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Inspiration for marketing to people 50 to 100.

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