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Don't Let Sales Reps Have "Their Way"

Many organizations have a sales process, but sometimes, every sales person brings their own approach
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Don't Let Sales Reps Have "Their Way"
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #114 • View online
Many organizations have a sales process, but sometimes, every sales person brings their own approach to the sale. This means everyone on the sales team is doing things “their own way” and, as long as they hit a number, that’s good enough.
Long term, this is a recipe for chaos and lost opportunities.
Instilling a common framework throughout the entire sales team has enormous benefits.
  1. Clear path for every client interaction
  2. Faster onboarding and training of new people
  3. Easier to improve
  4. Faster filtering of qualified/unqualified leads
  5. Communicate better about sales (a lingua franca)
  6. Clear outcome for the customer
It’s easy to confuse “sales steps” with a framework. Here are sales steps:
  1. Customer calls you
  2. Your rep calls back and advises customer
  3. Customer visits you (or you visit customer)
  4. Customer completes application
  5. Closing
These steps are entirely functional.
Sales Frameworks, on the other hand, are the common emotional/analytical journey for the customer.
Here are 4 sales frameworks:
  1. Upfront Contract, Identify Pain, 3 Layers of Questions (The Sandler Method)
  2. Curiosity, Significance, Frustration, Hope, Urgency, Certainty (Emotional Selling)
  3. Rapport, Needs, Solution, Close, Service (Consultative Selling)
  4. Critical Issue, Jarring Point-of-View, Vital Stakeholders, Compelling Argument, Diagnosis (Provocative Selling)
If you adopt one sales framework, everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction.
If you’re looking for sales training, we can introduce you to our recommended partners.
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