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#EndAlz - Is The End Already Here?

I'm reading The End of Alzheimer's, a book about a multi-step program -- not a drug  -- to reverse Al
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#EndAlz - Is The End Already Here?
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #98 • View online
I’m reading The End of Alzheimer’s, a book about a multi-step program – not a drug  – to reverse Alzheimer’s. It involves radical lifestyle change to diet, exercise, blood testing.
     Yes, it works. But no, most people won’t do it. Everyone wants The Pill. Doctors will stick by the “there is no cure” dogma.
     Today there are huge End Alzheimer’s #EndAlz conferences going on across the country. Yet the book’s cure – The ReCode Protocol, aka The Bredesen Protocol – is not discussed. Yes, the fundraisers talk about exercise and nutrition. But the fighters want The Pill, the Therapeutic, the Alz version of Chemo.
    Who is endorsing this book’s protocol? Maria Shriver’s The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. The Buck Institute in San Rafael. 200+ actual survivors of Alzheimer’s.
     This week I also noticed that Psychology Today un-published an article criticizing the pharmaceutical industry over conflicts of interest in Alzheimer’s interest. The author’s 10-year-old blog was erased.
     So follow the money. If there was a cure, would The Alzheimer’s Industrial Complex suppress it? Call it “unproven?”
     How much money would be lost, and by whom, if Alz Ended?

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