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Jump Over Your Competitor's Low Bar

I read a *ton* of articles on elder care, financial advice, legal advice.  A lot of it is fluff. The
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Jump Over Your Competitor's Low Bar
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #91 • View online
I read a *ton* of articles on elder care, financial advice, legal advice. 
A lot of it is fluff. The best solve real problems.
The blog post I personally found most helpful is “What If Your Elderly Client Refuses Help.” Steven Barlam’s insight is to ask yourself, “What is the client gaining by refusing help?”
In my father’s case, by refusing help, he got to be surrounded by his lady friend all day. Carolyn would always do whatever Dad wanted, take him to any restaurant, provide any amount of care. Carolyn never said no to my father. They had each other trained. 
Steven’s blog post helped me see how things through a new lens. What made “no sense” now made “perfect sense.” I bookmarked it and re-read it occasionally. [No, I didn’t hire his firm, only because they don’t serve Florida. But I’ve shared his article widely.]
Many blogs are low quality. I imagine them being written at $200-per-piece content mills, optimized for Google, and uploaded with a stock photo. Formulaic advice regurgitated endlessly. “Talk to your parents early and often.” Oh please. This didn’t even work for the CEO of a retirement community
As content marketing proved its effectiveness, many companies jumped in. But they went for quantity over quality. The bar got lowered. In 2018, it’s easier for you to succeed with these 4 ideas:

  1. Leverage real-life experience, and showcase your front-line people. Show customers how you solved a real-life problem. 
  2. Use video. Many companies loathe to produce quick-and-dirty videos or don’t have the skills. That is an opening for you.
  3. Include the uglies, not just “we are heroes” stories. Be real. My Cooks Illustrated doesn’t just give me great recipes, it talks about what didn’t work.
  4. Write about topics people need answers for. Google Search Console tells you what people are reading and looking for. It’s a free tool you can master.
People creating outstanding content for caregivers include:
What is one incredibly useful article or video your team could produce this week? How would you promote the heck out of it, so it reaches a large audience?
Warmest wishes, Lisa

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