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Marketing Hamster Wheel

I just wrapped up a content project that increased a blog's traffic from 3,500 organic visitors a mon
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Marketing Hamster Wheel
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #107 • View online
I just wrapped up a content project that increased a blog’s traffic from 3,500 organic visitors a month to 6,000+ visitors a month.
We did this by getting off the hamster wheel of 3 blog posts a week. We cut to 2 blog posts a week, and invested that time in doing things smarter.
The new content strategy is high quality and high relevance.
  • High quality came from planning each blog post carefully, working more closely with writers and designers, and providing more hands-on direction. We also increased the budget, so writers could go deeper into a topic.
  • High relevance – this means we took the time to discover what people are looking for online, and were there to fill that need. (Geeks only: in marketing-speak, we did thorough SEO research to identify user-intent and presented relevant content.)
We worked smarter, not harder. In fact, the number of blog posts went down, from 3 to 2 each week. But quality went up, relevance went up, and traffic surged.
If you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel in any part of your marketing, slow down.
Warmest wishes, Lisa

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