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Marketing & Strategy Inspiration in the Business of 50+

Dad is from That Generation when men didn't manage their social lives, their wives did it. When Dad
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Marketing & Strategy Inspiration in the Business of 50+
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #120 • View online
Dad is from That Generation when men didn’t manage their social lives, their wives did it.
When Dad left Mom 30 years ago, he lost all of that. He lost his ability to have people for dinner, to get involved with activities. He isolated himself, and I credit his slide into dementia to his isolation.
My mom Fran is the type who will just show up and join in. And I credit her incredibly positive aging experience to her social activity. Not her social skills though! She has zero filter. My mom is infamous for saying the most inappropriate things at the most inappropriate times, like weddings and funerals. But she volunteers, she babysits, she pet-sits.
Mom washes down her cholesterol pills with Haagen-Daz, but she’s socially active and that’s probably what keeps her alive and kicking.
People who invite my dad to dinner will hear stories about how he sold cars to the Onassis family, had a soda joint in Harlem, and kept a mean yard-dog to guard the cars … probably hear those stories twice in one night ;)
Have a great week, Lisa
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