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Marketing to Adult Children

Stay positive when marketing to adult children. "Scare marketing" abounds in home care and senior li
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Marketing to Adult Children
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #113 • View online
Stay positive when marketing to adult children.
“Scare marketing” abounds in home care and senior living.
Adult children do have frightening concerns.
Touching a raw nerve with “scare marketing” will get attention. Scare marketing has tarnished the image of senior living and home care, so now fewer people want to “have to” need these services.
Below is a list of pain points for adult children. Ask yourself, how does my product/service solve these, and can I sell that in a positive, emotionally hopeful way?
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Caregiving: Adult Children
A new study shows adult children have specific concerns over their parent’s care. Chief among them is “Can I afford this?”
How are you solving “pain points” for adult children with your service or product?
5 Reasons Boomers are “Parenting Their Parents”
  1. Worried about them living alone in their house 30%
  2. Long-term/worsening injury or illness 18%
  3. Sudden injury or illness 16%
  4. They couldn’t care for themselves 8%
  5. They were lonely/unhappy 5%
5 Concerns When Caring For Parents
  1. Financial costs 41%
  2. Ability to provide part/full-time care 38%
  3. Don’t live close to parents 32%
  4. Not knowing what’s best for them 29%
  5. Lack of information about options 22%
Boomers’ 5 Concerns for Their Future
  1. Being a burden 52%
  2. Managing health 49%
  3. Staying active 42%
  4. Taking care of my house 36%
  5. Feeling isolated 30%
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