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Sales is Hard. Update Your Strategies.

Here are 13 of the weeks' best articles to inspire your sales and marketing in the 50+ market. Hi eve
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Sales is Hard. Update Your Strategies.
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #118 • View online
Here are 13 of the weeks’ best articles to inspire your sales and marketing in the 50+ market.
Hi everyone,
I fired my father’s favorite caregiver.
She had submitted (and I had paid) fake time sheets, adding hours and even days when she wasn’t working. During the holidays I wasn’t checking the hours vs her schedule. That was my downfall. I created an atmosphere of “nobody’s checking.” And into that vacuum of accountability, the temptation was great.
This is my lesson of why oversight is so important. Yes, I paid a good wage ($19.50 an hour, up from her starting wage of $17.50/hour).
I also paid taxes, social security, workers comp. So I don’t have to worry about being sued by the IRS for her back taxes.
Beware if you pay caregivers who work in your home as 1099 contractors. That is plainly illegal, even though websites such as and CareLinks encourage this.
Now we are working with a small, woman-owned care agency while we figure out next steps. Dad’s next step may be a move back into memory care. While it pains me to say this, the financial and logistical burden at my brother’s house has become too high.
Sadly - dad is enjoying spending 3 days a week at the memory care’s “day center” - which is on the the “senior care” side in assisted living. If he moves in as a resident, he will be cognitively segregated into memory care and not allowed into the “regular seniors” side. Cognitive Segregation is cruel. It is done for the convenience of the “care providers” and horrible for its human victims, who lose all the stimulation of a multi-generational experience.
I’m looking for a 3rd way.
Warmest wishes, Lisa

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