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The Crazy Train of Senior Living

Hi everyone, I'm wading deeper into the senior living abyss, and what I see isn't pretty. This is tru
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The Crazy Train of Senior Living
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #84 • View online
Hi everyone,
I’m wading deeper into the senior living abyss, and what I see isn’t pretty. This is truly a product that nobody wants until they absolutely need it. Yet juuuust enough need it to keep the industry alive, for now. 
For all the PR of innovation and partnerships, change is glacial. Is there a CEO who lives in their own community?
At SF’s Creative Aging conference, an artist in residence at a memory care “facility” made 2 observations: The staff treat residents as objects, and it is “group solitary confinement.” We’re going off the rails on a Crazy Train, as Ozzy sings (see below).
There is a future, and radical solutions. New business models will break the current industry. You know who’s going to clean up in senior housing? WeWork.
Read on for a glimpse of the future: a coven, dormitories, and new business models. Let’s create a better future for us to share. Designed by us, for us. 
Thanks for sharing your Sunday with me, Lisa
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