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What to Do Next in Digital Marketing?

People always ask me, "What should I be doing in digital marketing?" Your #1 priority in digital mark
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What to Do Next in Digital Marketing?
By Lisa LaMagna • Issue #99 • View online
People always ask me, “What should I be doing in digital marketing?”
Your #1 priority in digital marketing should be going where your customers are. 
In senior services, most people aren’t working on email or LinkedIn. If you’re looking for family caregivers, or hiring CNAs, they are on their mobile phone. So you need to be mobile too: a mobile-first website and a mobile social channel - either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (you’ll find me there). Don’t forget mobile advertising on YouTube, Google and Facebook.
If you’re selling to businesses – or working women – then you can be “workplace” oriented: email and Linkedin are your channels. But you still need to think “mobile first” because many emails will be read on the go. Tech saavy CEOs are on Linkedin, where video is getting a lot of engagement.
You are probably already doing some digital marketing. Here’s how to know what to do next.
Once you prioritize your top 2 channels, conduct a series of experiments. Make a list of 25 bold ideas you think will work. Cherry-pick your 5 best ideas, then start a series of marketing experiments.
Conduct your first experiment for 2 weeks. Evaluate the results. Then start experiment #2. At the end of 10 weeks, you’ll have insights on what worked vs. didn’t work. Now improve upon that for your next 5 experiments - you might even try new channels for this round.
After 20 weeks, you’ll have results from 10 experiments. At this point, you’ll know where you should focus your efforts. You can make informed decisions.
Is there one new experiment you can start this week?

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Click to read the Cariloop + Facebook white paper
Click to read the Cariloop + Facebook white paper
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